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The words will be released this friday!

It’s gonna be shown in my local theater; this will be the first time i ever see ben on the big screen. who else is planning to go watch it?

  1. alovelikeclace answered: If my friends would want to watch it then I’d probably go. After tonight, it’d be the 3rd time watching it though. XD Lol
  2. moirasterling answered: ME!!!!!! I’ve already made plans with my fellow English major friend to go watch it when it comes out
  3. benbarned answered: me me me! no idea when tho. it isn’t coming to the cinemas yet. why do i have to live in chile? *cries*
  4. ooogorlno answered: Meeeeeee!
  5. ttimshel answered: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i’m so exxxciiited :)
  6. ben-barness posted this
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