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FAKE FILM MEME → How It Ends » Ben Barnes, Colin Morgan, Isaac Hempstead Wright, & Asa Butterfield

Thomas was exploring their old manor when he found him hiding in the dark cellar. He did not know the boy or how he came to be there. The boy was of the same age as him but he looked somber for someone so young. He rarely spoke and was withdrawn but Thomas’ persistence had managed to make the shadows around him disappear little by little. Thomas taught him how to read. And as they spend more time together, while hiding from Thomas’ family and servants, they became friends— living and breathing the adventures from the pages of the books they were reading.

The boy disappeared one day and Thomas had never seen or heard of him again. When the war ended, Thomas went back to writing his book.  It was about his secret friendship with a mysterious boy who suddenly appeared and then disappeared just as quickly. He was at a loss when it came to writing the ending of the book. And just as when he was starting to feel hopeless, the boy appeared once again in his life bringing secrets that would alter the course of their lives forever.

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